Lenses of Leadership A Call to Action Home
If you are starving for leadership in your life, this is the book for you.

In Lenses of Leadership, each essayist courageously takes their view of leadership public. They demonstrate through their essays that every individual can take part in the conversation to elevate and honor leadership.

Each essayist provides a positive and powerful story that offers inspiration and golden nuggets of wisdom. This unique approach vividly illustrates the power of collective action, and demonstrates the universal desire to satisfy our hunger for leadership.

The book is truly a call to action. The call to action is: "do what you can, when you can," to honor and cultivate leadership. Start by engaging in conversations. Talk about leadership at the kitchen table, on the shop floor, in the board room, in places of worship, on the sports field, in the classroom, in the community, in places of government and everywhere in-between.

B. A. Nick creatively curates this collection in a way that spurs introspective thought and serves as a catalyst for thoughtful action. The reader will undoubtedly be inspired.

"This title has received a QED seal for quality in eBook design. It can be read easily on screens both large and small."