Lenses of Leadership A Call to Action Contact
Lenses of Leadership is a call to action for all who hunger for leadership. This collection of unique and relevant essays includes submittals from a wide array of leaders — from a young student to savvy CEOs. They provide candid insights, helpful tips, memorable quotes and inspiring anecdotes about how to lead effectively and inspire others.

The call to action is to cultivate leadership.

"What is honored in a country
will be cultivated there"

The call to action is: "do what you can, when you can," to encourage and improve leadership. Start by engaging in conversations. Talk about leadership at the kitchen table, on the shop floor, in the board room, in places of worship, on the sports field, in the classroom, in the community, in places of government and everywhere in-between.

Join the essayists in the conversation about leadership. And, honor leaders in your life.

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